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That tie is easy to wear, and works with all of those options.
Oli, that is a beautiful tie. You should wear it!!
PoP, I should add that I also have jackets similar to the Marne, but what's a guy to do? I have a type..
I saw it in Sydney in late-Feb but I waited, and bought it today. Such restraint. Very wait. Much delay.
I bought the Marne.
In fact, I have culled the number of suits I own down to two. I don't have any requirement to wear suits for work, and odd jackets suit my odd personality.
I bought an MJ Bale odd jacket this afternoon. Will post a pic when I wear it.
This is sound advice. Oli, what tie are you selling mate?
Luxire, could you make a wedding-appropriate Sherwani?
I went to a friend's wedding the other night. This is a photo of me, at the wedding.
New Posts  All Forums: