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Thank you bro! Ordinarily, men wear something like these.
Hey Gents, posting a different kind of menswear. I spoke at a Bollywood-themed fundraiser for the Luke Batty Foundation the other night. Here are a couple of pics, took mum as my date. I wore my RMWs, classic Bollywood! My Mum & I Me, Rosie, Mum I really like the second shot. A candid selfie of my mum and Rosie Batty, women who've both lost children to men's violence. If you're keen to follow the work I do, you can do so through social media here.
The big face Rollie, I got two of those.
I'm in the market for a new/used car - 25-30K. Something that's as comfortable on the open road as it is getting about the inner city. Recommendations?
In Sydney tomorrow for an evening event if anyone's keen for a catch up in CBD area during the afternoon. Peace.
Hey hey - hoping someone can please assist ... I'm after the thread/seller with Tom Ford Private Blend decants.
He is not brown, man.
Anyone interested in Carmina Inca last brown calf double monks, size 9UK, PM me. Worn about 10 times, now they just sit in the box waiting for a better home
Is there a new, second thread because we Aussies done typed too much in the first one? Bloody brilliant. #BreakTheInternet
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