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I've got an Awards Ceremony to attend at the Governor's Residence in Victoria tomorrow night. I'll be wearing: - MJ Bale navy suit - Light blue shirt from Suit Shop - Bold pink Kenzo tie which was one of my sister's favourites. - C&J Belgrave cap toes in black - White linen pocket square (Henry Carter) Oh, and socks. Probably Uniqlo. Navy. I'll post a pic
Photo from the other night. I spoke at an event at Corrs Chambers Westgarth.
Hey Guys! Wanted to share the news that I am a finalist for Vic Young Australian of the Year:
Hey guys, was on the TV the other night, wearing this:
Thank you bro! Ordinarily, men wear something like these.
Hey Gents, posting a different kind of menswear. I spoke at a Bollywood-themed fundraiser for the Luke Batty Foundation the other night. Here are a couple of pics, took mum as my date. I wore my RMWs, classic Bollywood! My Mum & I Me, Rosie, Mum I really like the second shot. A candid selfie of my mum and Rosie Batty, women who've both lost children to men's violence. If you're keen to follow the work I do, you can do so through social media here.
The big face Rollie, I got two of those.
I'm in the market for a new/used car - 25-30K. Something that's as comfortable on the open road as it is getting about the inner city. Recommendations?
In Sydney tomorrow for an evening event if anyone's keen for a catch up in CBD area during the afternoon. Peace.
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