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The Melbourne-based MTM suiting game has grown markedly over the past few years. I'm in the market for a few new suits. What are everyone's recommendations?
Alden Longwings for sale, size 9.5D US (Barrie Last) in Color 8 Shell Cordovan. PM me. Cheers.
Thanks Sliq
Hey guys, was Suit Supply opening in Australia? Is it open? What's the deal?
This morning I was asked at the last minute to step in and say a few words at the Victorian Government's launch of its 10 Year Plan to reduce family violence. I think I managed to look semi-decent doing it. All Australian, bar the shoes!
Such an honour to be named a 2017 Young Australian of the Year Finalist in a ceremony at Government House Melbourne.
I've got an Awards Ceremony to attend at the Governor's Residence in Victoria tomorrow night. I'll be wearing: - MJ Bale navy suit - Light blue shirt from Suit Shop - Bold pink Kenzo tie which was one of my sister's favourites. - C&J Belgrave cap toes in black - White linen pocket square (Henry Carter) Oh, and socks. Probably Uniqlo. Navy. I'll post a pic
Photo from the other night. I spoke at an event at Corrs Chambers Westgarth.
Hey Guys! Wanted to share the news that I am a finalist for Vic Young Australian of the Year: http://bit.ly/2ebA1kq
Hey guys, was on the TV the other night, wearing this:
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