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Does anyone know if Luxire offers a denim shirting fabric similar to what Patrick Johnson offers? Their MTM denim and OTR versions are subtly different, but pictured below is the OTR version. EDIT: If you have something similar Luxire, I'll take 10.
Great conversation starter, compliments.
I frequently wear indigo jeans with a sport coat. And when I do, I get: 'Nice look, compliments'.
So this just happened in my house: "Oh my God, is someone analysing HIS outfit?! WHAT. A. GIRL! WHAT. A. GIRL!" "SERIOUSLY, COME ON!" Then, in "fag hag" voice: "Seriousllllly, Oh my God, You guyssss .. Did you see what Prince William was wearing last night?!" So that's what my significant other thinks of this analysis, Oli...
Nice gags, compliments.
You live in Newcastle man, I beg to differ..
I am the same.Good decision, compliments.
Excellent jokes, compliments.
Excellent look, compliments.
Coxsackie, I think you might be referring to Mikhail Zenon about denim? He's good. Very good. He is based in Sydney.
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