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I wonder how Drew feels waking up every morning, knowing he scammed hundreds of people...
Two questions: 1. What will be the logo for Falcon Garments? 2. What is the plan for the unofficial TOJ gallery?
Looking for a proxy to order and ship a pair of shoes from a Swedish retailer. PM me to discuss details.
Looking to buy a CWU-45 spot. PM me if you no longer want to purchase the jacket.
What size are they?
Can anyone comment on the broadcloth fabric vs the madras fabric? I'm looking for lightweight fabrics, and I like the feel of the madras shirts.
All measurements in inches. All prices include shipping within US. Nom de Guerre Hooded Assault Vest size small $160 s2s: 18 p2p: 19.25 sleeve: 22.25 front length: 21 back length: 23 Nom de Guerre White Jeans sz 30 $70 waist: 14.5 front rise: 10.25 back rise: 13.5 leg opening: 7.5 Uniqlo x Tim Hamilton Cotton Moto size medium $60 s2s: 17.75 p2p: 21.5 sleeve: 25.5 front length: 22.75 back length: 25.5 Uniqlo x UC Wine Blouson size small $45 Note: small rip was...
Could you post measurements? Thanks
Recently graduated college, and I'm starting my first real job in a few weeks. Will need to purchase another pair of chinos and a few polos for business casual wear. And a brown belt. That said, a med grey T-1 TOJ is at the top of my list this year.
If this hasn't been mentioned yet, you should probably change "Men's Clothing Classifieds" to "Classic Menswear Classifieds" to reflect the name change.
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