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How do you guys judge that you have oily skin or not? I just bought the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer. It claims to also provide UVA/UVB protection. Guess I'll see how it performs in the coming days and weeks. It was only $12.99 at the store so I guess it wasn't so bad if it doesn't really work.
I currently have my eyes on these two Seiko watches: Other than the price difference, what sets these two watches apart? I know this is rather stupid to ask, but how does these two watches even compare to a Tag Heuer watch like this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Yes, Seiko is very underrated in North America (although certainly not in Japan). They produce some of the world's finest watches, and I'm talking here about phenomenally beautiful and accurate timepieces, both mechanical and quartz. These high-end Seikos are, for the most part, the "Japan-only" models, and are seldom seen in NA. There are essentially two well-established sources for these high-end Seikos (and high-end...
Thx for the advice guys! In regards to the size, should I always buy one size bigger than I what would normally wear? For example, if I normally wear small, I should buy medium? I read that American Apparel shirts shrink a lot after a first wash. While I want a slim fit, I don't want the shirt shrink to the point where it won't fit me anymore without stretching the shirt.
No one here have any comments on Seiyo Japan? Where are you guys buying your Seiko watches?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie google- wholesale American Apparel or or I am not trying to be an ass, but if i've heard of it there is no way its under the radar. Thx for the info. Have you used trendyblanks before? Are they reputable?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmonaut ebay has them pretty cheap. I've been searching through ebay, but I'm having difficulty figuring out who is legit and who's not. Got any advice on buying AA shirts on ebay?
I need to buy some undershirts and I want to get some AA shirts. I need about 10, but I wouldn't mind buying as many as 14. Does anyone here know where is the best place to buy for the lowest price?
Quote: Originally Posted by forex I am planning to get this: any feedback is appreciated. I've heard of the Seiya website, but is it a legitimate source for Seiko watches? I notice that a lot of Seiko watches aren't available in North America. Does Seiya ship from Japan? Can someone with experience with Seiya give me some info on this company?
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone One of my favorite $300 Seiko Spirits -- a bit of a "poor man's" Grand Seiko for a fraction of the price. Twotone What's the model number of that watch? I can't seem to find it anywhere on Seiko's website.
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