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Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy well, they're inexpensive, i give you that. aesthetically there is nothing really bad about them, but quality will be an issue later on if you know what i mean. i say go for it if you really like them, just as long as you know these shoes probably won't last long. Honestly I never really had any issues with BR clothes. Unfortunately as a university student, I cannot spend more than $200 for a pair of... I'm guessing this isn't part of Hugo Boss's budget line right? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.
I was on a budget and I had a 15% off coupon to use on this pair of oxfords. What do you guys think?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jared I love the look of BR's Chesterfield: But I'm concerned about BR's quality and the ability to find one at discount this season (for example, a remaindered one on eBay is going for , but unfortunately only in tan (this will be my only dress coat for the time being), and apparently less fitted: A third option I'm considering is this mystery auction! Any advice? I'm also torned between that jacket and two...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Don't know where else you'd find that cheaper. Banana republic has some black peacoats in stock now for $250. Might get lucky and find a 20% day at Macy's when you use your Macy's card plus a possible 10% extra if you sign up for one. Macy's sell BR stuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph ---No Doubt! It's a Chicago tradition and event, I had mine on today Which overcoat are you wearing? You got a better picture of it?
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