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So I bought a bunch of American Apparel T-shirts (2001s) not too long ago. I got them in extra small. The fit of the shirt is quite good. I would say it's skin tight, but not uncomfortable. For some certain colours, my nipples are visible. I'm tempted to exchange some of them for a small, but small is a bit baggy on me. So basically I would want something that's in between extra small and small. Of course that's not possible. A friend of mine told me that the shirts will...
Hi guys, I'm going to be in Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Hong Kong this summer and I'm wondering what stores do you guys recommend to go for streetwear and denim? I'm looking for stylish and affordable clothings like what Uniqlo has in Japan. Thx!
I have to admit that I can't decide on which pair of sunglasses to get. I got some opinions from my younger brother who accompanied to Sunglass Hut and the salesman. Unfortunately I still can't decide. I don't think I'm blessed with the perfect head shape and that is probably making things harder than it should be. Right now I have my eyes set on the Ray-Ban 3217 and the Ray-Ban 3362. Here are some photos of me with the Ray-Ban 3362 (Black -...
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom More expensive. I saw some at a random shop in OIOI near my house and a pair of Wayfarers on sale was like 15,000 Yen ($150) down from 20,000 JPY. I see. You got any suggestions on where I should go to purchase Ray-Ban sunglasses in Tokyo? I'm looking for a pair of RB3217 and RB3362.
Does anyone here know if Ray-Ban sunglasses are any cheaper or comparable in pricing to the US? Where are some good places to buy authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses in Tokyo?
Quote: Originally Posted by ironduke I think Asian skin tones cannot be defined because their variety of colours. Are you mean a yellow colour with tint of copper, a pale yellow colour or a dark brown colour? No and I'm sorry for being vague earlier. My skin tone is a bit on the pale white side
Quote: Originally Posted by darnelled Not sure how to spot the differences if fakes are good, but I bought a replacement pair about a year ago that are the real deal. Like all Ebay purchases, read their feedback carefully first. There is a seller called expressoptiks and he seems to be selling genuine Ray-ban Sunglasses. The price is pretty good at $100.00. It's about $50 cheaper than what I can get at SGH. I've read his feedbacks and he seems...
So I'm looking at a pair of Rayban 3217 with brown frames. I haven't had the chance to try out the pair of sunglasses so I'm looking for some opinions here. What do you guys think about brown frames with brown lenses with Asian skin tones?
Any recommendations for a particular fabric or style from Jantzen?
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