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Anyone here using slim metal attaches? What are some recommendations for a slim case that comes in black?
Ok, I'm going to post my experiences with Jantzen here after coming back from Hong Kong recently. I have to say that by ordering online, you guys are setting yourself up for getting a product that won't satisfy you completely. I first called Jantzen when I was in Singapore last year to set up an appointment to get some shirts done. When I got to Hong Kong, I went up to the store and Ricky quickly got to work to measure me up. We talked and we discussed about people...
I'll be returning to Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon. I'll be meeting up with Ricky for a MTM session. Are you guys suggesting that I should tell him to increase the measurements by half an inch to compensate for shrinkage when washing? Is there anything else that I should know before I meet him? I'll definitely read that wiki before I go back to HK.
Hey guys, I'm going to be in Hong Kong later this week and I would like to pay Jantzen a visit. This is a pretty long thread and I honestly don't have the time to read every single page. I've read some of the concerns here and it seems to me that they're based on ordering off the internet. Are there things that I should be worried about from a MTM shirt? Any specific fabrics I should avoid at Jantzen? I do intend to use some of their fabrics because it's nice and cheap. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira I don't know Uniqlo denim but there are a few threads on sufu for it. The general answer, however, would be that if the pockets are your only problem they'll stretch with use (both the thighs and the opening) Oh? I guess I'll have to take a look later, but do you happen to have the link that might have what I'm looking for? Well, I wouldn't say the pockets are a problem per se. It's just that the fit is...
I'm currently in Shanghai and at Uniqlo I tried a pair of size 29 slim fit taper jeans that fits me very well. In fact, I would say it fits me like a glove. The only problem is that it's tight enough that I don't think I can put in anything big into the pockets or else I'll feel uncomfortable. I'm not sure how Uniqlo jeans will be after I wash them. So my question is, should I go for a size 30? If so, then I don't think the fit will be as good, but what's important to me...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Feel free to PM me any more of your bullshit. I'm saving up all kinds of worthless posts like yours for a Ken Burns documentary on not giving a fuck. lol, that's the funniest line I've read all week!
I'm currently in Tokyo right now and I'll be walking around the city. Does anyone here have any advice on where to go and buy reasonably priced ($100-$150) slim shirts for pairing with a slim suit?
What's the "rule" for matching appropriate collar styles with the neck size?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ozarks I finally had some time to get it pressed. I'll probably let out the pant hem a bit when I get the chance. Critiques welcome Ozark, I notice that you got the conservative fit suit, but yet the lapels look awfully narrow. Are you able to pair up your shirts with "regular size collars" and 3.5" ties with the suit?
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