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I've been doing some thinking here, should I even consider buying shoes here in London instead of NYC? VAT (sales tax) in the UK is 20% and even though some stores participate in the VAT Refund program, I still don't get back all 20% because stores/refund centres want their own cut so on average I'll get back about 10%. Are there certain brands that are only available in London and or have better prices in London relative to NYC?
What are the slight flaws that you just mentioned? Is it a dent here and there?
I can only shop in London because I'm currently living here. Where else can I buy decent quality shoes for low prices? I'm open to suggestions for other locations.Any comments on the quality of Cheaney's Liverpool?
Please excuse my stupidity, but what does seconds mean?
Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have any personal opinions about the brand and its products?
I'm currently in London and will be here for about 3 more weeks. I'm looking for a nice pair of black derbies. It should be stylish and modern. My budget is about £250 and would prefer to spend less than £200 if possible. Does anyone here have any suggestions on a pair to get?
Which stores would carry the largest selection of Drakes and or Hackett slim ties in London?
Where is the best place to buy Drakes or Hackett ties? How's the quality of the ties? I'm looking for something with a bit of quality in it and I'm aware that H&M have a lot of skinny ties.
I'm currently in London at the moment and I'm wondering if someone have any suggestions on any brands or know of a place that sells reasonably good quality skinny ties for under 100 GBP? I'm mainly aiming to get ties that are about 2.5" wide. Thanks!
I'm just wondering which store (Online/B&M) have the largest selection of Ray-Ban sunglasses in the UK (preferably London) with VAT refund for non-UK/EU citizens? Thanks!
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