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We should open a sub-forum under B&S for Arbitration.
Save yourself $29.95 and just direct your questions to Manton!
There are so many shoes available with more appropriately sized buckles, why spend so much time, effort, and money trying to fix these rather than buy a different pair?
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design i know a guy if you want beltless I made a similar reference to that show and som 20-somethings looked at me with black stares-- they knew the Brady Bunch, but not Seinfeld. Hmmph.
Quote: Originally Posted by dfischer1 I went as Karl (er, Lagerfeld, not Marx): Dude, I love the Socialist poster in the background...very campy!
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Pantherella, but I'm thinking of switching to Paul Smith soon. Don't do it! The Paul Smith socks look cool, but they shrink into tiny little things that you can't get on your feet! My wife now wears my Paul Smith socks!
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan He asked where you get them, not wear you put them. To answer the OP: I get mine from Pantherella, merino wool, over the calf. Actually, M'foof'n, he asked where you buy them.
Polos: 0 Shirts: 9 (7 RRL, 2 RLBL) Sweaters: 18 (10 PRL, 2 RLBL, 6 RLPL) Sweatshirts: 2 (RRL) Pants: 8 Shorts: 1 Suits: 1 sportcoats: 14 (11 PRL, 0 RLBL, 3 RLPL) Overcoats/Trench coats: 4 (2 PRL, 1 RRL, 1 RLBL) Leather jackets: 3 Socks: 0 Boxers: 2 Ties: 4 (all RLPL) Scarves: 8 Gloves: 4 Hats: 1 (RLX) Belts: 10 Shoes: 17 (10 are C&J) Jeans: 8 (all RRL) squares: 6 Wow, I didn't realize I had so many RL items. RL is my go-to as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur If somebody gives me fucking Oakleys I will defriend them on the spot. Flamer, I don't get your hatred for Oakleys either. It's one brand that offers such a broad array of styles that they can appeal to tastes across the spectrum. Keep in mind, Oakley makes several models for specific purposes, like biking and skiing. These glasses are not fashion glasses, but are highly regarded by athletes. Perhaps...
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