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Blog Marley, if I were you I'd hem those pants at least the length of the cuff you're rocking there. You'd still have enough room for a nice roll after that. Jweid, I like this new baddass look, though I'm not crazy about the zippered hem on those jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan this is so awesome.
I like that fit, mellow. Is the shirt St James? I've been looking for a good striped tee and having a weirdly difficult time. That last hotdogday one was real nice too. The photo really does make a huge difference. Are the shoes Alden? They look awesome. And I'm pretty sure mellow's socks are uniqlo. I have the same ones.
Phone pic quality worse than usual:
ever since he started at working at 4 Horsemen, e0d9n0b5 has really backed off the frute swagz. him and synth are going straight.
EG shirt retracted, added all this stuff above.
Not feeling that jacket at all, MoK. Don't like the button stance, and all of the details seem like they'd only make sense on much heavier outerwear. Dunno about the jean fit, either. Too much stacking, I think. The shirt looks nice, though.
I love the shit out of synth consistently dressing "normal." Looks badass. m4x, that shirt does not go with that blazer. And even if it did, you should tuck it in and do up another button. The other stuff looks nice, though. FlyLo's beard is looking awesome. That polka dot shorts-suit is ballsy. I think it looks good.
Not that anybody wants to keep talking about this, but I think timbo's fit is great aside from the giant pants. Like, hold your hand in front of the screen and imagine properly-fitting pants. Now it is a good fit. Mainly, he looks incredibly pleased with himself, and that kind of comfort in your clothes is hard to achieve even when you're wearing stuff that doesn't look absurd. So hats off to that, I guess.
shitty camera phone steez per usual. dressed up for a conference today eg bedford apc tie w+h shirt hope chinos milsurp dress oxfords filson bag
New Posts  All Forums: