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It got really hot. Before: EG Club Monaco W+H CPs After: W+H x 2
FlyLo, I like the suit, but I'd tuck in the shirt and maybe see about getting the pants slightly tapered. Or maybe rolling them. Jweid, that looks great. I dig a simple summer fit. Cosmicosmo, the leather is (unsurprisingly) awesome, but I'd recommend sizing down on your jeans. Also that last tween fit:
That bomber looks fucking awesome.
reedobandito, that's not a bad look, but I would strongly recommend not wearing a plain tee. If you're not going to wear a collared shirt, go with a striped tee or at least a v-neck.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Dog Day #49 you're a tool dude, stop whining about everything unconventional i don't get why you even post in sw+d, you're pretty much all MC and you just complain about shit people wear here This is true, but he's right about those Prada espadrille things. They're really ugly. Pointless rope-sole details are always a bad idea, and then they put that weird rubber ripple sole on the bottom of the rope. It's...
Quote: Originally Posted by m4x A little. I have normally S-M but wear XS when comming to Our Legacy shirts (Model 1940's) I find some Our Legacy shirts fit me fine in S, but the 1940's ones I need to go XS. Like the fit, M4x. Are those Frye boots?
Meis, I like both of those though I'd probably tuck in the shirt with a blazer, myself. What is the blazer, btw? FlyLo, two thumbs up!
Yeah, I dig that bowvalley fit. Wouldn't mind a bit more taper on the pants, though. That all-Margiela nicelynice fit is excellent, too. Like it a lot.
Price drops, MK-2 re-added.
Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit what I was actually wearing last weekend, just noticed I had snapped a shot at some point Baron Wells Junya Vintage Brooks Brothers This is excellent. You need to iron that placket, though! Anybody ever tell you you look a little bit like David Byrne?
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