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Quote: Originally Posted by m4x A little. I have normally S-M but wear XS when comming to Our Legacy shirts (Model 1940's) I find some Our Legacy shirts fit me fine in S, but the 1940's ones I need to go XS. Like the fit, M4x. Are those Frye boots?
Meis, I like both of those though I'd probably tuck in the shirt with a blazer, myself. What is the blazer, btw? FlyLo, two thumbs up!
Yeah, I dig that bowvalley fit. Wouldn't mind a bit more taper on the pants, though. That all-Margiela nicelynice fit is excellent, too. Like it a lot.
Price drops, MK-2 re-added.
Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit what I was actually wearing last weekend, just noticed I had snapped a shot at some point Baron Wells Junya Vintage Brooks Brothers This is excellent. You need to iron that placket, though! Anybody ever tell you you look a little bit like David Byrne?
Quote: Originally Posted by jwied82 THE TRANSFORMATION IS COMPLETE. For serious, though, the glasses and shaved head with this outfit make me imagine you at Mutek or something, bobbing your head to Plastikman. Not a bad thing.
I like slack's sweat-shorts-suit, it looks totally cohesive like that, even though I really didn't like the looks of the blazer on the rack and I don't think I'd wear it myself. Scott's fit with the Trickers is great, though does anybody else think it looks a little schlubby? Not in a bad way, more in an Our Legacy lookbook way. It kinda makes me feel like we were all dressing cooler a few years ago when the jeans were tighter, though. That Jil suit is amaaaazing.
Florsheim brogues added.
PG, hard to improve on perfection, but I'd like to see those jeans with a single small cuff. MoK, the first thing I thought when I saw the cargo pockets on those jeans was "Fuck no," but on consideration, maybe they're not so bad. Still, I think a regular pair of denim would look better. Fit is quite sharp otherwise. Slack, that looks pretty nice but I feel like you might be better off matching indigo rather than black denim to brown shoes + belt. Robbie, you look super...
Blog Marley, if I were you I'd hem those pants at least the length of the cuff you're rocking there. You'd still have enough room for a nice roll after that. Jweid, I like this new baddass look, though I'm not crazy about the zippered hem on those jeans.
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