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tween looks like a badass. flylo, shirt looks totally fine. I wouldn't size up.
Hahaha Bam!ChairDance's face. That's priceless. Jeans boots look great, jacket seems a bit short to me.
That's a Uniqlo suit? Damn sharp.
^ disagree. I think slack in drapey stuff just looks kind of awkward, though I'm curious to see where he's going with this look.
melonadejello, sell me that boo shirt.
Synthese looks kinda like aeglus in that last one. Vaudevillain, I like that, actually. NYR, dig the first fit a lot but not so much the second.
aegluuuuus, def not going overboard. looks sick. I may not have a beard anymore, but I still need to wear clothes. our legacy indigo linen levis tank hope chinos bean bucks
I think tween's pants are cool, too, but I imagine that if they were mine, I'd end up not wearing them much for lack of good things to pair them with. On that note, I dunno if they look good with the NBs.
Quote: Originally Posted by afc345 wtf you should never have shaved man, that beard was swag level 9000 Quote: Originally Posted by il ciclista I made you have a stronger looking jawline as well. I admit I shaved mine off too though lol it is effing hot out! Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide beard to no beard is crazzzzy +1!! Quote: Originally Posted by...
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