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i also like kvc's fit.
shady beard regrowth our legacy linen (wrinkly) club monaco w+h cp I have two pairs of w+h shirts, five or six blue button-ups, and a half-dozen striped tees and tanks, so this is basically what I'm wearing all summer.
lewks gewd
tween looks like a badass. flylo, shirt looks totally fine. I wouldn't size up.
Hahaha Bam!ChairDance's face. That's priceless. Jeans boots look great, jacket seems a bit short to me.
That's a Uniqlo suit? Damn sharp.
^ disagree. I think slack in drapey stuff just looks kind of awkward, though I'm curious to see where he's going with this look.
melonadejello, sell me that boo shirt.
Synthese looks kinda like aeglus in that last one. Vaudevillain, I like that, actually. NYR, dig the first fit a lot but not so much the second.
New Posts  All Forums: