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Nah, that's just the angle. I ended up not wearing the jacket anyway. Too hot.
It's probably too hot for this jacket. I'm just pining for cooler weather. eg creep w+h oc
Worn once, washed once. Perfect condition. Selling for my roomie, who decided they don't work for him. Price includes shipping within N. America, PM for overseas rates. Paypal only, please send payment as a gift or include 4% for fees. Measurements: waist: 16.5" rise: 11" inseam: 8.75" hem: 9.5"
I wore these a lot for one summer, but then I put on some weight and now they're too snug. They're labeled M but would fit best on a true 29 or 30 waist. Great condition aside from some discoloration on the silk waistband which I have never tried to remove (stain remover would probably do the trick) and one missing button on the inside of the fly, which is not visible and could be very easily fixed. Price includes shipping within N. America, PM for overseas rates. Paypal...
Price dropzzz
Cleaning out my closet. All prices include shipping within N. America via Canada Post expedited mail. Paypal only. Discounts on multiple-item purchases and/or local pickups. PM if you need measurements or for overseas shipping rates. IC: GITMAN S/S SHIRT, GREY & PINK STRIPE, sz M, $125>>$110 Bought recently because I wanted a brighter-coloured shirt. The fabric is lightweight and puckered. I think it's seersucker? I like it, but its getting less wear than I'd hoped and...
Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B WWM Blazer Uniqlo Oxford 45RPM Square Tim Hardy Belt EG Shorts Birkenstock Shoez This is great, looks really natural. Shorts and a blazer is usually pretty contrived. Tween's pants looks great with those bucks.
i also like kvc's fit.
shady beard regrowth our legacy linen (wrinkly) club monaco w+h cp I have two pairs of w+h shirts, five or six blue button-ups, and a half-dozen striped tees and tanks, so this is basically what I'm wearing all summer.
lewks gewd
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