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Cleaning out my closet. All prices include shipping within N. America via Canada Post expedited mail. Paypal only. Discounts on multiple-item purchases and/or local pickups. PM if you need measurements or for overseas shipping rates. IC: GITMAN S/S SHIRT, GREY & PINK STRIPE, sz M, $125>>$110 Bought recently because I wanted a brighter-coloured shirt. The fabric is lightweight and puckered. I think it's seersucker? I like it, but its getting less wear than I'd hoped and...
Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B WWM Blazer Uniqlo Oxford 45RPM Square Tim Hardy Belt EG Shorts Birkenstock Shoez This is great, looks really natural. Shorts and a blazer is usually pretty contrived. Tween's pants looks great with those bucks.
i also like kvc's fit.
shady beard regrowth our legacy linen (wrinkly) club monaco w+h cp I have two pairs of w+h shirts, five or six blue button-ups, and a half-dozen striped tees and tanks, so this is basically what I'm wearing all summer.
lewks gewd
tween looks like a badass. flylo, shirt looks totally fine. I wouldn't size up.
Hahaha Bam!ChairDance's face. That's priceless. Jeans boots look great, jacket seems a bit short to me.
That's a Uniqlo suit? Damn sharp.
^ disagree. I think slack in drapey stuff just looks kind of awkward, though I'm curious to see where he's going with this look.
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