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Interested pending pics.
tbh, I think that's one of SVB's better fits. sure, it's kinda square, but that's just his thing. we can't all be badasses. he has nice clothes and they fit him.also, as a guy who's had a beard and/or moustache for an almost uninterrupted five or six years, I kind of resent how Movember assumes that a moustache is a joke or something to be endured like a hunger strike, but I do appreciate seeing more dudes on my level. and prostate cancer is for serious, so, you know -...
Prices include shipping (Canada Post expedited) within N. America, PM for overseas rates. Paypal only (gift or add 4% plz). Local pickups welcome (at discounted rates). SOLD: -Our Legacy shirt -Creep shirt -Gitman shirt Our Legacy "Proper" shawl-neck knit zip cardigan, sz S, $50 Nice chunky cotton knit, fisherman-style zip. Worn sparingly, still in good condition, not stretched or anything. Hand-washed once. Stock pic for...
I'm tempted. Why are you getting rid of it, though?
Fuck, this ruuuuules
wings our legacy club monaco apc grenson filson
Worn less than ten times. Retailed for $170. I just have other brown shoes I wear more, but these are a great deal for a basic brogue. Fits TTS. Price includes shipping within N. America, PM for overseas rates. Paypal only, please send payment as a gift or include 4% for fees. Safari won't let me add images on an ipad, but you can see some here:
Been a minute.
Price drop! Was $48, now $40.
Price drop! Was $100, now $90.
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