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I really wish that WWM's small was actually small.
I would strongly consider picking this up if I hadn't blown all my winter money on the fall wool version. The MK-2 is an excellent coat.
I'm looking for a chunky beanie (in Canada we call them toques). One with a pom on top would be nice. Something like this Universal Works one, perhaps. I'd prefer to not pay $80 for a fuzzy hat, though. Amazing how difficult it can be to find a good version of something so simple.
Quote: Originally Posted by steviecakes any recs for a slim black casual oxford or derby a la rachel comey or common projects that cost a lot less? is this too much to ask for? i'm a broke college student so if i should stick to my shitty zig zags and save up my money for more packs of pbr then feel free to slap some sense into me. Basically, there's nothing substantially cheaper in terms of the look that I think you have in mind. There's...
yeah, like ppl are saying, OC's not worth the price, and the Pendleton stuff is particularly ugly. the only item I remotely like is the red check cardigan with the patches and you'd still be better off buying straight Filson (and sizing down).
I'd be interested in the W+H, but I'd like to see some measurements.
Like Meis and VanHammersly, I got the olive chinos and I am extremely pleased with them. Great service from 4 Horsemen, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by itsjustadrian School is coming up and I need a new pair of boots. Should I go with LeatherSoul's Ultimate Indy's or W+H Service Boots? I think the Indy gives you way better value for your money.
I wear Vans authentics for beaters myself. A person looking to spend slightly more money (but still not much) might consider Superga, Spring Court, or Feiyue.
B7FF: I have some thin finns in 30 and also some NC's in 27. The NC's are tight as hell, but if that's what you want, then you'll be fine. The last pair I bought, though, I switched to two sizes down instead of three (APC 28 instead of 27) and I'm more comfortable. What I want to know is, where can I get some dark grey petit standards in size 28? They have the jeans at Tres Bien, but only in 30 and up. They aren't for sale at apc.fr, either. Any tips?
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