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They actually are empty. Cardigan's just getting kinda saggy.
gitman our legacy apc oc
Ppl posting first fits sent me back looking for the earliest one I could find. I only started posting on SF a couple years ago, when I dressed almost exactly like I do now. I was posting on sufu for years beforehand, though. I don't think this was my first fit ever, but it's the earliest I could find (2006): Boxfresh sweater/nudie jeans/trovata vans Of course, I was still 'shopping my face out at this point, so you can't see the shaggy hipster haircut and moustache.
vintage Eddie Bauer (basically the exact same as Inventory's EB collab) club monaco x 2 grenson
Sometimes I check SF at work, but nobody can really see my screen, so I feel pretty casual about it. I def felt weird doing it at school, mostly just stuck to the B&S instead of WAYWT. My gf cares way less about clothes than me, but she thinks SF is cute. Not that I post that much, anyway.
melonade, that all-geller fit is epic, but I would def do something about the hair. or maybe just trim off the ghost sideburns.
I would like to have more shoes and a better phone/camera, so we're on the same page.
Interested pending pics.
tbh, I think that's one of SVB's better fits. sure, it's kinda square, but that's just his thing. we can't all be badasses. he has nice clothes and they fit him.also, as a guy who's had a beard and/or moustache for an almost uninterrupted five or six years, I kind of resent how Movember assumes that a moustache is a joke or something to be endured like a hunger strike, but I do appreciate seeing more dudes on my level. and prostate cancer is for serious, so, you know -...
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