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I am super impressed. The construction is ace. It's more substantial than I expected, too -- definitely won't be a summer jacket. The fit is also VERY slim, even for my taste. I don't regret getting the small, but I could have sized up and still been happy, I think.
Oddly enough, my gf is Jewish, but I am not. Maybe I'm trying to compensate?
It's my "paternity beard." My gf is 7 months pregnant. Back when we found out, I said I'd let my beard go until the baby arrived...honestly, I'd kinda like to get rid of 80% of it, but I feel like it would be bad luck at this point.
ervell mki black sunspel ervell acne eytys
our legacy coat vintage jean jacket ervell knit acne shirt apc jeans adam kimmel boots
Anybody seen or heard of discounts at Totokaelo Man?
From F/W '08 but still in excellent condition, has been cared for very attentively. One of the nicest pieces I've ever owned, and super-warm in the winter months (the knit is double-layered in addition to being double-breasted), but the Geller look is increasingly incompatible with my style and I'm looking to sell this to finance the purchase of something else. The hand on the knit is crazy, incredibly soft and thick -- the text on the tag has worn off, but the knit is a...
Beastly hot in Montreal right now. nonnative our legacy apc backpack w+h purcells
Anybody know if it's still possible to get the default white midsole/black upper Free +2 anywhere? The only place I can see to get a pair is to make them custom from the Nike ID page, but they don't ship to Canada, so that's out for me (I can't even ship to a proxy with a Canadian credit card).
Does anybody know of a stockist for this season's perf white Achilles? I've only seen then at Unis, and their markup seems higher than normal ($414).
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