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How accurate are the Gustin measurements in general and for the button-up shirts in particular? I haven't ordered from them before but am tempted by some of their current offerings.
I'd be interested in XLs as well.
Are the weekenders waxed canvas? I didn't think they were.
UPS goes to complete shit when it snows in Seattle.
Is that the price on seconds from the Shoe Bank? Or are they available elsewhere at that price?
I really like my tan Billykirk No. 92.
I'm on my second pair of these and really like them for exercise. They're definitely good in terms of microphonics. The second set seems to be better than the first as the cable has changed some. I also like the variety of tips that they come with. And they're down to under $17 on Amazon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx I have the Briggs and Riley 235x which is discontinued but you can still find in some retailers. I really liked it, came through nicely for a 10 day trip to Europe, only used one bag and even brought my macbook with me. Fit in all the sizers rather easily. I have that bag too and its great. Not as easy to carry around as a true back pack but the shoulder strap does work really well.
A bridge coat is basically the long version of a pea coat. You can try looking for things with that name.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge One question I have about the B&N device is if it's going to be a closed sales terminal which only allows you to buy from B&N, or if you'll be able to use it to access many eBook providers... That was one of my first thoughts too. They list epub, ereader, and pdfs. No talk about what DRM is supported though which is rather important.
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