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pm sent on the size 32 RLPL cavalry twill pants. I have some in navy and they are LUX. edit - BTW, nice Brioni tux
nice. pm sent.
pm sent on #1, #12, #16
pm sent on the C&J full brogues
those look pretty sick and I've been digging loafers lately for more casual days. pm sent.
pm sent on 38R navy herringbone isaia
if only you could get those egs in 9/9.5!!
pmd on RLPL dinner jacket
Polo = baggier fit in body, but made for guys with small arms Lacoste = trimmer fit although arms fit better To me, quality is similar although I agree each have pros and cons. I prefer Prada sport and Tom Ford to both, mainly for the cut, although I have a few Lacoste "vintage" t-shirts that came out last year that I like much better than the regular Lacoste shirts. RLPL shirts are very conservatively cut although Black Label makes some nice t-shirts (although seem...
pm sent!
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