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It might sound weird but I have to say Selena Gomez is really pretty.
Or I'm on the pill..
Michael Jordan is the main man...
He couldn't get through at Man City and now Barca?
The same one who stinks like a goat after stopping wearing deodorant a few years ago?
Boetang to Real??? They have already better defenders..
They're comfortable..I only have one pair of Alessandro and I love walking in them.They are black welted.They're quite solid too.The Venezia leather is holding well...
You're too metrosexual..
I was so bored yesterday I had sex with my wife.
Quite a few...I went to Sloane Street , Knightsbridge and Mayfair...It's quite surreal to see their wives covered in modesty splashing inane amount of money on designer bags and clothes..
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