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To each other?
Do you like music halls????
I only stay more than 10 minutes on the phone with anybody, apart from family and work of course,only if I can sleep with them...
I'm sure he does...Do you like Modiano?
She is only driving for 4 hours...Tell her to read a good book...
I might lose that one but we're on a JL appreciation page..
His young Russian Daniil Kvyat is landing Vettel's driver seat when Vergne has left him behind so many times this year in term of points and driving.I was talking to one of the engineer who travel with us and he told me Vergne has no financial backers behind him and that is his problem..He is neutral in that story and he told me Vergne is their best driver by far and that pow is shared by the all team behind doors.
Your view on that particular battle?180 vs Lopez
Sheffield I think...Why Style Forum when most users are US based?
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