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What a boring game .. To a point.
That's democracy..
I do not see the point of hunting endangered species..I do not also see to shoot animals in a shooting gallery...Hunting is a sports or it is not really hunting..It's a forum and without discussion , what's the point of this thread...We're not on CE..
You're a gent..
To hunt big animal is obviously a must and is the Nirvana of hunting...In this artificial hunting ground ,what is the pleasure to shoot a prey in such conditions?I do understand people hunting especially if they eat their kills but I do not see the point of that..
What a nerd that guy must be..
Best post of the month..
They didn't like the Germans too much these two..
I can see you actually being a bit of a psychological profiler..
I remember one of the twins Politicians wanting to take away from these two their double nationality..
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