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They're made in Vietnam ...Strange.
If it is the type to talk endlessly about diet, acid lactic level, recovery times and other things, they're diabolical...
I knew a few of them...They put a map of their last run or bike ride on Facebook.Who gives a fuck????
I love the concept of Fanny packs...So inappropriate when Conne and Neo are in the frame.
No, a normal couple.
1-1. Chelsea didn't have any decent chances and scored... Shit...
The last one is quite smart.After thought ,the car one is even worse.
My cat used to love getting out as a kitten..We looked like real twats walking him in public.I remember a couple of fat US tourists taking a video of us...That was one of the lowest point in my life..
I work with a lot of Dutch and I understand now why their churches are so austere: They're too tight to have them decently decorated.
We forgive you heretic.
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