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I couldn't do your job...The temptation of abusing my power will be too strong.
I hope you will be fine...With gastritis, you must avoid coffee, sodas, alcohol and heavy sauces...You must have some reflux .Try to sleep with pillows to keep your head up..
I just came back from a nativity play ....I know what you're feeling..
Man City through.And PSG lost...Shit night.
if I go to London...I miss my bespoke wearing days.
But the fit is good..
I know...
They're still in the box...
I'm living in Fuckstone and the average guy here is wearing chinos at a dinner party and will think himself as overdressed.I will wear them do not worry.
1 AND 3 for me..The first one looks like a TF suit...Not my cup of tea but it looks very good on him.I like the simple elegance of the black gentleman.
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