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My painting is 80% paid... I will receive it first week of November..
God bless their souls.
Indonesia, New Amsterdam and Suriname be prepared...
Thank you for your IBS updates.
Will watch King and country..Cheers.
Blackmail the bastard...
A young guy died of a heart attack a few years ago in the States.I think he did it 42 times.
They are always charming to start with..
Two junkies were parking in a car last week where my kids were playing which is a first as we're far away from town.They were doing nothing wrong as such , not injecting or leaving needles behind, but the kids were screaming when a woman was violently sick in the bushes.We went to ask if that person was ok before discovering Mrs Junkie was getting back to her car undisturbed by that event.To explain cold turkey to a bunch of 6 year old is quite tricky then we opted for...
Die Brucke The Bridge... The 1959 one.
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