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Of course.
It's one of the best place to live in the world with Norway..Swedish girls are quite hot too..I would fuck Sweden too..
Very true..Look at me, my life is so exciting..
It's not the kid's fault if his parents are insane.The poor kid would have been bullied, assaulted and so on..It would have been better calling him Samuel.
I have a 20 something colleague at work and she must be posting 2 or 3 selfies every week... She always send them automatically on her Facebook account.. What a twat... When we used to go to parties ,we were thinking of enjoying ourselves ,not editing some kind of futile imitation of life exercise.
Claude Debussy would have appreciated..
The question is "Why are they taking so many selfies in the first place? Facebook is covered with them .
As Elsa would have said "Let it go"...
You have a good chance against Reading..
There is a lot a banter over there . Once again, I'm sure nobody wanted to insult transsexuals..
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