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Exactly ..You live by the sword, you die by the sword...If you're famous for your image ,you have to assume that position..Public figure has the word public in it...
It's the same with the police and welfare system, but with so little people paying for the rest it was bound to happen, but at least we are getting a couple new highways and a 6 billion dollar bridge to Germany, no one really wants, but the politicians thought it was a good idea, so they would have something with their name on it. So it's how you see it.[/quote] A modern and wide bridge to Germany is never ever a good idea..
Arsenal needs Debuchy , a left back and also another central defender.... They also need an enforcer in the middle . Morgan Schnerderlin or even better Khedira... They're also light on the central forward front... Sanogo is not there ,Giroud is hit and miss... Arteta must go..
L'Inc must be one the Mods or Hall janitors . But if L'Inc becomes part of the system, would he lose his eccentric and awkward charm? Debate in more than 50 words.
Yes, it is definitively my fault..
It's not racist at all. Pointing out to cultural differences is not automatically racist.. Not in this case anyway.
Even rugby is finally taking it seriously..
Is L'Inc the new Vaclav?
For obvious reasons..
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