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a wheelchair was employed here in an attempt to gain a preferential boarding status, but it was clearly not premeditated. The lady observed the wheelchair folks boarding first, and then saw an empty one and acted on an inspired impulse....[/quote] She is creative... Well done..
That was pre-Ebola...They're so happy they cross illegally oceans and seas to spread that happiness..
Light grey and mid brown shoes.. That's creepy.
Happiness is also subject to interpretation.. Westerners feel down for not having two weeks in the sun every year and some are just happy having clean water...
The call centre type ...
Arsenal needs another cb and a left back to be with them...
Russians are ruffians..
North Koreans????
That's Chelsea's defence...
Cahill, Zouma, Terry, Azpicuelta, Ivanovic and Benatia.
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