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As long as no body part is still aching, you have done well..
The guy I'm talking about was living in a small flat full of bespoke suits and shoes. He has a fantastic wardrobe as he was spending all his money on clothes. He was borderline criminally insane.
Maybe wearing navy Blue shoes is a very Parisian thing..I find very hard to get navy in the UK..
I love the Blue Museum...
Well said GI JOE..I'm with you on that one.Over here, we have now the family one with the pet/pets included...What a bunch of wankers...
Just beautiful.
He will be great in Customer service positions..
Seriously...Who in his mind will get a tattoo like that???Must be great at job interviews..
Netherlands 3-4 USA... They were 3-1 up at the 70th minute.. WTF..
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