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I was talking to this fugly idiotic truck driver who was living half in the UK and half in Thailand . He met a Thai woman who is doing everything he wants , she bathes him and so on, and she is living with her all family in the house he built there... I haven't seen a picture of her but she can only look better than him.. He is getting a slave and she is feeding her all family.. So who are we to criticize both of them..
I prefer thinking they're 20 something...Some of my German friends have also some rich overweight 40/50 all married to stunning young Russians..Love...
We have some 50/60 year old men down here walking around proudly with some 20/30 something Thai girls with a smirk on their faces...It is sad...
If you have a stalker on SF ,you made it.
Do you know Eason?
The WINONA 's syndrome..
A Post-modern Narcissus...
Are you a lot on tele????Info commercials for piles?
I'm sure he can sue them for emotional distress..
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