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Tell that to the people who turn in the stadium to watch them...Nobody likes to lose especially on home turf.
He doesn't do Pro-Boner..
First time I hear of Zaza...The Italian team has many new names..
How bad was the sending off????
Lahm was more than a RB...I saw the difference when he played in the midfield...Germany was easily in trouble at the back..Boateng can be dodgy at times and Mertesacker is quite slow...Humels is the unsung hero of this German team.
He is talking metric..12 centimetres..
I thought Neo was only gay..
To a point ...Lahm is retired now and the new guy replacing him was awful...They were 4-0 down in front of their crowd ,that is the worrying point..
I miss Fang...
I tend to have my usual ones, 5or 6 of them, rotating them while keeping another 6 in a slower rotation..
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