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Ivanovic can play cb.How old is he????Not much on the market as great CB at the moment...
J'Lo... Gigi was a great movie and since she hasn't done anything great..
They have Zouma but they need a proven one..
WTF was about Ibra's red card??? It was a yellow at best... I can't stand football players cheating all the time.. Even the English commentator said "Oscar for an Oscar"..
Great victory.. I hate Mourinho.
Blurred lines... Only joking.
PSG..... All the way...
I haven't followed very closely for a few years now JL artistic line...JM WESTON with Michel Perry and another designer now have developed new lines and kept their classic iconic models..It might be the way to go...Berluti for me is Bespoke...I have a pair of Alessandro and that's the only pair I would ever buy ,apart from the Demesure, from them.
Williams II City III and so on...They brought back the City II because they're the best entry model..The Jermyn is another one.They need to bring back the old classic models .JM WESTON still sell their iconic models..
It is to test your ability to develop an argumentation .You could have also started with the different options around the concept of national service.Some countries have civic national service .You could have spoken about the different trends around the world .European countries tend to opt now for a more professional small in numbers army when others countries need to enrol in mass in case of a conflict like Israel and so on.You could have spoken about the cost and also...
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