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Modesty is really your forte...
He is technically a twat..
Navy will never ever be out of fashion..
The Fortress has been taken.Twice.
It's Football... Nothing else..
The Mexicans were exhausted...They gave away too many corners and Holland has great players...Robben is a fantastic player even he is falling down like a toddler..
Just got up and a long night shift and the house is quiet... The Wife and the twins are gone for hours... Simple joys are the best things in life...
Urgent Sperm sample?
I don't understand how McDonald had been very recently the main sponsor of the London Olympics and recent World Cups.. Very post modern..
It is just a state of mind... I also live in a part of Kent where wearing chinos with a polo shirt is seen as being well dressed.. If I was evolving in more refined circles, I would wear them more often.
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