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You're not a hipster...
DRE is not my idea of good sensation..
Some of them are borderline child cruelty if you ask me.
If only they knew..
His life is just incredible...He got sacked for turning up at MTV disguised as Bin Laden...It could be an urban legend but the guy is a recovering heroin addict and is trying to change people views on addiction.I do not agree with all his actions but his life has been insane..
I find Russel brand hilarious..
I'm sure the restaurant owner was too scared to charge for the meals..
Tous les gouts sont dans la nature.I love Foie gras maybe partly because of my cultural background...My grandmother used to cook them at home..I will definitively enjoy..My English wife loves them too and she is an English rose..I was quite scared the first time I ordered them in the past..
I order some foie entiers this morning...Duck and goose...
When an ideology is based on a race superiority ( white here ) over the other ones, it is surprising to see the persons in question following it..We have a term in French to describe what you're doing..It's called Mauvaise foi.You're trying to negatively deconstruct my thoughts to serve your interest.I'm not interested in justifying myself to you on that particular matter.Your hatred of me is quite tiresome .I'm not interested in some kind of useless and senseless online...
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