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WYHI ???That's the question.If she is pretty, I could have been ready to read her crap as long as she deepthroated me at one point.Nothing wrong with social justice if a shag is in the mix.
The voice of reason.
He doesn't help that twat...No friend zone talk is benefitial to some raw fucking.
Exactement my friend..
How short is he???He could have a role in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory at the look of that..
Another great story.Bravo.You're our modern Ulysses.
I feel sorry for her sometimes..Everybody hates her guts...
That story is just nuts.Some kind of news from North Korea apart fro the fact Ariana Grande would have been shot for eating a doughnut over there.
Especially ugly chubby teenage girls...
Good way to get shot by the Police...
New Posts  All Forums: