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only in CE???
The Herd mentality...Stupid but true.
AIDS or Hepatitis C if you have slept with her .
I did once when I was a night clerk in a hotel...
Lucky boy...
Stop bloody harassing them...Who are you turning into??Lighthouse?
Or fat woman colleague sitting on it during a work drink at the local pub...Official conversation:I'm so sorry..Do not worry about it...Are you sure???I can pay to get it repairedNo that's fine...You fat fucking c... and your lardy ass I have to see everyday in front of my horrified eyes...I hate your guts and I would be sure to steal from you the last pack of crisps from the food machine as many times as I can.
Any venereal diseases then???
You Capitalist pigs.Expecting state workers to start before 10 am is unacceptable.Shame on you.
Who is he???I hope he is active on CE...
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