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PSG can give David Luiz back if Chelsea wants,...
Somebody is doing your lawn????How IC is that?
I think people expect hunting to be a man thing.. Women are still perceived by society as more caring and sensitive . Also the fact she is very young didn't play in her favour..
How the Golden Ball gets awarded to a player with 1 assist and no goals during the knockout phase of the competition is beyond me. I'm not a fan of Argentina but respect Messi, but still. At least he didn't cheat his way to a title like a certain other famous Argentinian.[/quote] Messi doesn't deserve it at all.. I hate Robben but he had a fantastic tournament..
Frozen songs are driving me mad..
Not a fault but an assault..
I have read an article saying he was completely exhausted before the final..
Messi was just awful..
Argentina played well and had their chances.
What a loser that Palacio..
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