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Neo always leaves his back door open to everybody.
After the age of 30 , they're also depressing.
They have been awful all season...And Newcastle
I have been feeling neglected too...
???? is only to underline the depth of my cynicism, social constructivism and lack of coherent chain of thought...I do agree ??? would have been more appropriate.
He is making Brad Pitt sounding like a Shakespearian Thespian.
Zimmerman??? Is he white or not????
I'm more of an evening person.Into the depth of the sunset, wallowing in the solitude of the dying lights, I love releasing the inner animal in me.
What kind of Whites?Hipsters are an underground sub specie.
Over the age of 23, the Wasted look is just plain idiotic.I do not put any ellipsis behind that statement to show you how definitive my position is regarding that issue.
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