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What kind of sort???On SF, it is saying you're going food shopping..
Very clean.. I love the idea of that..
When they f..... post their last run map , it just drives me mad ...
I don't know why this guy is selling it..It is a great fit on him..
Holy smoke...That's quite an achievement.
The Real Men syndrome...It doesn't really help dealing with certain important life issues like your brother's present and future..The older generations saw so many disturbing things fighting wars we do understand they needed to quell their anxieties with alcohol or avoidance strategies but it doesn't sound your brother is an ex Vietnam ..
Some people are like that...A bit selfish or too focused on avoiding talking about problems and their shortcomings...He might also feel guilty about doing nothing about it...
Are they Pantharella socks or I'm not going there..
Who is he???I never noticed him before..
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