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Ben Howard's version of Hideaway from Kiesza on Radio 1 live lounge (Youtube).
That was the point I was trying to make... Hamilton is a great driver but look at Vettel , the Wonderkid , with a shit nobody can win...
Listening to Chico Barque "Partido alto". It's cold and wet down here and the Ipanema's sun is burning my soul...
It's sad..I speak to a few guys from the little teams and they have no hope things will get better.
F1 is dying... The smaller teams will completely disappear and the Medium ones cannot compete anymore... Mercedes 1 2 , Redbull the years before... Can't be bothered watching anymore.
Apologize with the appearance of sincerity for a minute or so, don't lose millions in revenues. Totally worth it.[/quote] Well done... It's a fad . Just get how much money as quickly you can... Another storm in a tea cup.
Brilliant...I did gardening in a suit in front of my wife's BF ...Digging out bushes ...She was shocked.
Some family secrets are better kept secret.
The youngest clever one...Lorde is geeky but her first album was great.
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