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Why Donovan talks so much bollocks at the beginning of the masterpiece "Atlantis"? How to fucking destroy a great song..
I miss him too..
For my birthday...I bought 2 linen suits and the weather has been awful since...
I have 8 pairs of Lobb and one of EG... I prefer JL . Might be a price issue even if the gap is not massive or the make up of SF with a lot of US customers liking the Jermyn street old England vibe.
I'm looking for a decent pair of suede for the end of summer and fall.Might go for a plain oxford or monk like yourself..Do not know what to choose between Lobb Jermyn II or the Luffield in the same tone than yours or a JM WESTON oxford...
People used to feed a lot more on the land as a necessity..My uncle used to poach a lot...Trouts, rabbits, pheasants and many other things..That was that or close to nothing to eat..
Actually do they know if they deliver in Kent?
Curiosity killed the cat in certain circumstances..
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