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Bought a unique pair of Japan Heritage Skinny Guys from here but they unfortunately were too tight in the top block for me. These are tagged 31, but measure the same as size 29 skinny guys. Worn only to try on. Note that these are unsanfordized. Anyway, these are sourced from the same mill as Samurai, so the fabric is beautifully loose-woven and hairy, and the fit is much skinnier than you get from Japanese brands. Looking to sell these for $95 $90 shipped...
if anyone wants a dunderdon j38 field jacket for $29.... http://www.gilt.com/look/?s_id=6f4b04529460f97f76a28938e76368b73f4d5af0521fd242cfbdb0953be2e518_0_65847874
someone buy these cheap polos
So the previous seller sold me a pair of Nudies as Grim Tims and only now have I realized they're Tape Teds... anyhow, selling a pair of Nudie Tape Ted Black Black Rings! They're relatively low rise and slim cut through the legs: measurements from the Nudies website are listed below: Waist: 30-30.5 Front Rise: 10.2 in Leg Opening: 6.9 in They've been worn for roughly 1-2 weeks total, with minor creases and stretching in the waist. I would suggest going TTS on these.
Can anyone help me ID this backpack? Much appreciated!
Edit: sorry wrong thread
Great jeans at a great price; someone pick these up!
price drop!
I purchased these Grim Tims and wore them around the house for about a week but unfortunately the fit just wasn't for me. I'm looking to pass these on: retail is $180 and I'm looking to sell at price drop: $90. I'm willing also to trade/add for other denim. Measurements: Waist: ~30.5" Inseam: 32" Hem: 6" Front Rise: 10"
Hey guys, so I've tried a variety of cuts and really like the fit of N&F weird guys (aka roomier in the seat, tapered leg). Do you guys have any suggestions for other brands / cuts that might be considered a "step up"? I also currently own IH 634s but think I would actually prefer a more tapered leg.
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