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Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman Looks like the thread has been deleted. What was it about? Self-bumping times a million.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba $255 to $425 + hourly doesn't seem worth it to do that job. PS Dan Osman was totally nuts, lol. Regarding the hourly pay, I would assume that they only get paid for the distance they actually climb. The guy in this video took an elevator up to like 1600 feet, meaning the number you quoted would be much much smaller. Making it an even worse proposition for someone. I know you certainly wouldn't...
^ Ludacris is ludicrous.
$170 for a converter? That's insane. Unless I'm missing something, monoprice has those for like $10.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lighthouse "homosexual racism" when did homosexuality become a race?
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS If I type 'get music ' in the google search box one of the automatic completion choices is 'from iphone'. Some of the ways are even mentioned on this site. I haven't had an iPhone in 5 years, so I forget... Good luck. They came out in early 2007.
$12 + $3 tip. I have short hair, and just get the top and sides/back buzzed (2 and 1, respectively), and the obviously neckline, etc trimming. 10 minutes and I'm out.
Just read this thread for the first time. My condolences go out to all the parties involved. As an 18 year old who has watched his parents get divorced when I was 2, then both got re-married (to other people), shortly thereafter, and then both eventually got divorced from their respective second spouses, I can safely say I will never be getting married in my lifetime. The potential downsides (everything in this thread), vastly outweigh the potential upsides (erm...a...
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