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Quote: Originally Posted by dahl5yankees Bad News Every single thought and action that you have done in sin; lust, covet, lie, steal, etc you will be held accountable to. There is no way, in any religion to get rid of this. Because of this, you will spend eternity in Hell. You will be tormented constantly and hopelessly and helplessly without any relief. You may even remember this internet post, you read now. (re-read this, because it is true and...
For your health!
Good, thought-provoking thread, Being 18, I obviously still have countless things I wish to accomplish with my life. The thought of an untimely death is certainly frightening to my, currently conscious, mind. I do not particularly fear a freak accident such as being hit by a bus or a suicide-bomb (not that I'm worried about that, just to demonstrate an instant death scenario) because at the exact moment that happens, my mind will cease to exist. I do not fear that,...
^^ There's a checkbox that says "quote message in reply". Maybe you have that checked?
Why was texas_jack banned? Also, the forum clock is off by about 20 minutes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Promotion? The buy a Mac, get a free iPod deal. I got a free 8 gig iPod touch with my MacBook, but because I already have my iPhone I liquidated it quickly for $125. So someone got a pretty good deal on the iPod.
Quote: Originally Posted by ceaton is it the light, my monitor, or do you have a burgundy ferrari? That looks like the standard red, just in a shaded area.
Several years ago, i went through like 3 or 4 shitty mp3 players, before deciding to splurge, and I got a 2 gig second gen ipod nano. I've never looked back since. That fucking thing has been through hell and back, and if i found it in my drawer right now it would still work flawlessly. When i decided it was time to upgrade, I chose a second gen ipod touch, had it for a year and a half maybe, it was amazing as well. Dropped multiple times from my pocket while riding...
Quote: Originally Posted by SladeDT Changed the oil on my car. Grandma? Is that you?
in the winter, grab a cup of timmies (i know, i know, my 250K fallback is measured in cents) on most days that I have school. cheap and easy way to warm up.
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