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Quote: Originally Posted by Petyot Drizabone is a great buyer He bought a coat from me a few weeks ago. Because of our #%$ing Canadian postal service, it took more than 2 months to deliver the coat in Australia. Drizabone has been very patient and had reacted very gentlemanly. Thanks! Bought a few weeks ago + >2 months to ship = we are into the future. My brain just asploded. Unless I'm missing something, which in my case happen...
If this cat fucking dies, I'm gonna kill myself. It has to live.
Bump for a big-time watch.
I'm way too much of a nobody for this thread, but I will offer my 2 cents anyway. Foo doesn't seem to be doing anything except having an interest in clothing and offering his opinion to people who solicit opinions on an online forum. He offers his honest opinion and from what I've seen, he is quite knowledgeable about the subject matter. I don't see why it angers people so much that they need to go with the ad-hominem attacks (ie: Foo's height) and "meet me...
There's a guy downtown who has asked my papa (grandfather) at least 5 times for money over the course of the last year, saying his mother passed away 2 days ago and he needs money to out of town for the funeral. My papa said to him "how many mothers do you have man?" and the guy turned around and walked away lol.
Stop tempting me with your deals man. I'm already way over budget.
PM sent
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I screwed up bad on ebay last night. I listed a new ALAIA handbag (worth at least $1k) for $1 BIN with free shipping. I obviously meant to list it as a no reserve auction and I was clear in the wording of the listing that it was a no reserve auction. Of course, it sold for $1 to the first person who saw the listing. I apologized profusely, refunded her dollar, and initiated request to cancel the transaction which...
Just got an Emporio Armani watch in the mail from seller JCMStyles. It is a very nice watch, and in excellent shape. He was going to ship it on the 25th, but decided to wait until after the Thanksgiving rush to ship it, which was fine with me. Then on Friday he emails me saying he sent it via priority mail for no extra charge, so it would get to me in the same time frame. He was also very helpful considering it was my first online purchase. All in all, 2 thumbs up for...
I've read the Ugly story probably 20 times, and it gets me every single one.
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