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Quote: Originally Posted by suited lol I found out that the more annoying a girl is in general, the more often they will notify you via FB every time they drink wine or eat sushi. Wine has also become the new way for the ex-university drunken female to stumble into adulthood as a classier lush. I don't know if it's just my girlfriend, or if it's representative of some of the female population, but she has said (and I have noticed) every...
What finally got Frenchy put in timeout? Good fucking riddance, I hope it's for a long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas I him find funny hilariously. brings he mean my out streak. actually don't I his posts read salad word. I read the second sentence 3 times before I figured out it wasn't supposed to make sense
FLMM's thread titles always make me laugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter for my kids. its all an elaborate hoax that I am perpetrating on my kids. actually, I feel that kids should be raised with a religious framework so that they can make their own decisions. if I tell my kids that they shouldn't believe, they will be agnostics. if I raise them with some religion, they can make choices when they are older. aside from that, frankly, I enjoy the social framework and the tradition, it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White I'm hoping an earthquake will destroy Hoover Dam so all the cell towers will go dead for a month. Being that it's a young woman, then he likely couldn't call either. I can't remember the last time I had landline service in my house.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I am, essentially, agnostic but a practicing jew. I pray all the time, in social settings - I go to synagogue on a regular basis and say blessings at home. when it comes time to say silent prayers, I sit down right away, and don't pretend to pray. I have made it clear to people that I am not a believer. I haven't said a real prayer, with any meaning, in 20 years or so. No disrespect intended, but may I...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChiliPalmer Question answered with an edit to original thread. Any other question will be answered the sane way. Bumping your thread anyway defeats the purpose of editing the original thread....
First time was the end of summer last year, and I've done it about half a dozen times since then. It's enjoyable, but not something I actively think about or seek out. Every other month or so I'll smoke after work or something with some friends, but that's about it. No desire to increase the frequency I'm currently at.
I just picked up two dimes (in two different locations) the other day. As someone above said, goes into the pocket and then the change cup at home, so why not.
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