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Check out what Ikea offers. Their stuff is well designed (looks stylish), well constructed (won't break) and best of all cheap. Ikea has flip-out shoe solutions in stand-alone units. But, be creative with your solution -- for example, purchase a shallow bookcase like a ROBIN. The ROBIN is 70x165cm, 25cm deep. You can fit 3 pairs of Euro size 45 (US 11) shoes per shelf for a total of 16 pairs per case. You can buy extra shelves and reduce the spacing on the shelves for...
Last week, I got a colouring, clip and conditioner/scalp massage. Cost NKr. 1000 (US$ 140). Bit steep even for Norway but everything is expensive here. The stylist upped her prices this January to cover the cost of new premises.
I've been thinking about formal wear's conservative styling and tried to figure out why a Scottish kilt manages to appear quite formal even though it seems to break many rules for formal dress. First, according to popular advice, tuxedo styling should be black and white - black tux, white shirt, black tie, black silk socks, black shoes, white vest.  Colour has no (or little) place in formal dress. Yet, take a look at the kilt with Prince Charlie coatee.  The dress kilt...
The selection of RTW shirts in Oslo is limited and I have generally stuck to the Eton brand. Today, I bought a Stenström shirt. I've never come across this brand before. The sales person assured me the quality was equivalent to Eton but does anyone here at Styleforum have an opinion, good or bad?
If you're familiar with BBC programming, the presenter for "Changing Rooms", Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, pulls off casual french cuffs with jeans, with leather pants, with just about anything. Check out for a sample photo.
Brian SD: A kilt is definitely not a skirt. If you were ever to suggest such a thing to a Scotsman, he'd take great offence (while wildly slashing with his sgian dubh in your general direction at the same time. ) I own a kilt and Prince Charlie jacket and the combination is comfortable to wear and stunning to look at. I get many complements from both sexes, not just women.
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