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PM sent for #34.
Met the seller -- great guy, great boots, great price! Thank you!
Ha! As a follow-up to the original post, I gave up on my search for steel toed shoes that look good. They don't exist. I wore leather-soled Aldens every day. I now work on the 12th floor.
Measurement on rise/thigh/hem?
Morning price drop on the double monks.
Mid-evening price drops! Make me an offer!
Dinnertime price drop! I want to ship these tomorrow.
I'm thinning out my collection and selling some of the shoes I don't wear often enough. All prices are US Dollars and include shipping to the United States. Shoe trees are not included. Feel free to ask any questions. 1. Crockett and Jones Lowndes Double Monk - 9.5E UK (10.5D US) - $Sold! 2. Bruno Magli Brown Captoe Balmoral - 10D US (fits around half a size large, 10.5D US) - $Sold! 3. Brooks Brothers Moc-Toe Boots - 10D US - $Sold! 4. Generic Man Cement Gray...
Thought I'd try in here first before starting a separate thread. Shoe fit question: I'm a D (medium/standard) width at the ball of my foot, but my mid-foot is fairly narrow. As a result, when I lace up shoes that fit properly in length and width everywhere else, I can't lace them tight enough. In other words, the two sides are pulled together as tightly as possible, but it's still not snug around my midfoot. As a result, my foot slides around and discomfort...
Quote: Originally Posted by wysiwyg So does this mean the credit card company is lodging a complaint with Paypal on behalf of the cardowner and is letting Paypal figure out if the chargeback is proper? Or has the credit card company already took the money back and now Paypal is billing you for it? The one time I had to file a dispute for a PayPal transaction with a bank/CC company, this is how it went.
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