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Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. For most of these restaurants - do I need to book far in advance or could I wait until I arrive? You can rock up to most especially after tourist season, but its helpful and more secure to book ahead. Theres nothing quite like the torture of wandering the Borgo San Jacopo with a bunch of starving people, smelling ribollita wafting out the doors of every fully boooked restaurant at 10pm. Trust me.
I think the answer is all three. They look trendy on timberlake, outdated on anyone from Washington and classic if done right and worn well by everyone
Quote: Originally Posted by bigskydream What do you guys think of this new Chukka from Allen Edmonds: IMHO the uppers look a little lumpy on that rubber sole; the facings seem to come too low to give a flattering shape to the vamp. I think a chukka must be as finely, elegantly shaped and detailed as possible to conterbalance its bootiness. Or am i crazy? I would say one needs a pair of chukkas. But not these ones.
As to the clothes theyre a little off. The overall ingredients seem right at first but ita all a bit too technicolor and a bit too studied, and too tight while im at it..... He looks like he was made to wear them too.
Quote: Originally Posted by James Bond Highly punchable face. He looks like hes been punched a few times already
About 100%, but im thinking of upping it.....
OH AND FOOD I never had a bad meal or anything but 100% good experience in any of these over regular trips past ten years or more. SOUTH OF ARNO Cinghiale Bianco Borgo San Jacopo Mamma Gina Borgo San Jacopo Camillo Borgo San Jacopo Quattro Leoni via de Vellutini NORTH OF ARNO Garga (via Del Moro) Parione (via del Parione) *** Le Fonticine (via Nazionale near station) Tredici Gobbi via della porcellana Buca Mario *** Buca Lapi via Del Trebbio *** Cocco...
Falugi Via Porta Rossa Is a very basic looking shop actually selling great sheets and towels, tablecloths and runners. But great prices and they will ship. Amazing crsip white cottons and linen bed sheets and they will make fitted sheets to size. One kind i remember is by Camillatex - plain white cotton as great prices. Helps to brush up on your bedsheet vocab first (hem, trim, faggoting (whatever that is)).
Quote: Originally Posted by Tibor Lulworth, you have my favorite avatar. Thanks its not me its the young duke of windsor in case you didnt spot him.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond 'Convincingly' I guess you've convinced me Very good! Of course there's a difference between a simple typo double l and writing "ledgable" for "legible". Ledgable is plane ilittirit.
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