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drop to 230, this is a great deal and the final drop.
sweet fancy moses
price drop to 245
sold sold sold blackbirds write up, which includes measurements http://www.blackbirdballard.com/Cutl...ack_16766.html just got these in and they are absolutely stunning, unfortunately I need to free up some cash. they are brand new without tags, never worn, perfect condition. they will ship with the original case and cloth. this model retails for 410 and sells out quickly, ive never seen a pair marked down. basically the best sunglasses money can buy, handmade in...
These unbelievably trite little back and forths between the people who are unwilling to accept the most out-there and costumey looks as legitimate everyday attire, and the contingent of regulars who've made it their personal crusade to pick everyone up on even the most benign remarks which might perhaps impinge on their most cherished principle, "be open-minded to all things fashion!!11" are actually making this place unreadable. Both sides come off terribly. I love some...
http://cgi.ebay.com/Maison-Martin-Ma...item3f072edd70 haha guy copped off sufu and/or b&s for half that
hey MC, SWDer in need of help. ive worn a suit probably two or three times in my life, but I recently found myself in need and this is the pre-alterations result. the suit is designer (margiela) but based on my limited knowledge the cut seems rather classic. its a size 50. i think the jacket fits quite well but the pants look like a hot mess. clearly they need to be hemmed and taken in at the waist, but Im also pretty sure Im gonna slim them down throughout the leg. anyway...
excellent, johan.
guidi sizing is model dependent. some do fit a full two sizes small, others certainly do not.
too bad, would've liked to have seen that steezed with your black dr can't remember the other ervell jet was selling
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