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Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong i cant be the only one who thinks all those mmm velcros are ugly as fuck they dont really look that appealing in standalone pics, and like all mmm sneaks almost every single colorway is completely worthless but ive owned both the velco his and the other kind with the thing on the back that sq has, and the velcros are the ones I kept. just couldnt find enough ways to wear the other ones, they looked pretty...
thanks lyubm price drop to 275 shipped!
Quote: Originally Posted by Not Carl 'Cane 45 45 45 Grenson dope.
very lightly worn, low pro rubber soles and heel taps added, condition is excellent. a very conservative 8.5/10. only wear is a handful of pinsized drops of white paint on the toe box of the right boot (photographed), and no this was not intentional distressing, although youre welcome to consider it as such. leather is really great on these, soft and supple, and the shape speaks for itself. just a luxe, sleeked down version of a definitive black boot. these are tagged...
then don't wear a hat
last few shoulder workouts ive used bands for front and lateral raises. feel is amazing, far superior to dumbbells
i quite like them, although I guess you'd have to wear them in a very margiela way. like with slightly loose cotton trousers and a tank top or something
too big and a bit much for me, but a pair of margiela FW08 'flame' dress shoes in 44 just hit ebay for a BIN of 239.00 and the sellers accepting offers
Quote: Originally Posted by nerazzurri would you rather buy a used original 5 zip or a new one? theres two on yoox for $650 and $690 lemme guess the colorways, red and white . good condition older ones consistently sell in the 600-800 range, yoox logic is not gonna change this reality re older vs new 5 zips, i dont know exactly what it is that changed, or if anything really changed much at all, but all I can speak to is my perceptions...
700 ± 50
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