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Such an illustrative analogy, you guys should definitely continue to debate and refine it.
This shirt is absolutely beautiful, it's just a bit snug on me. Purchased from a SF member a few months ago for the amazing price of $50, looking to get back what I paid. The shirt is in excellent condition. Price is firm and includes shipping. Measurements: P2P: 21 Sleeve Length: 25 Total length, from bottom of collar: 28 Shoulders: 18
Yeah, they're sick as hell. I'll give it a shot. What's the sizing advice on these? I'm a true 34, with a big ass and thick thighs. Should I stay with 34 if I can find them? I know the oversized waist compensates for the low rise but I think I might be able to size down one.
Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue These look awesome (from BiG): Anyone know if these are available anywhere else online? BiGs sold out of 34s.
bump ill make a generous offer
Actually, a poster PMed me and I bought his off him. Grey twill looks just as amazing, but I have a few too many black/grey shirts.
Anyone know if a red diagonal twill work shirt is still available anywhere in medium?
Bought a beautiful coat from oboy_oboy, fast shipping, exactly as described. Great seller.
PMed MiniW, he resold it already, too big for him. Thanks for the response though.
Does anyone know what season this is from? FW08?
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