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First time posting a fit... camera's making me look short and fat but whatever Apolis Gitman J. Crew Clarks
Quote: Originally Posted by Yardsale Love it.
Yeah, tell your mom to quote me a price. Seriously though that polka came out pretty damn nice. I probably woulda gone a little less squirrely on the buttons though.
Seconded. As disturbed as I am, I still can't quite bring myself to buy a shirt without seeing it.
I'd kill for one in a medium
I think they're nice but not $700 nice. If I'm spending in that range it's gonna be a new pair of Aldens.
Nope, just checked the order form on the Swedish website. The French parent site does not seem open to retail business, although it couldn't hurt to ask I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo Id be surprised if this brand doesnt show up on the "heritage" web stores sooner or later. Made in France since the 50s or so, amazing heavy cord fabric. I have these myself, but sized up a little. Very warm and comfy, have worn them constantly the last months.l These look amazing. Unfortunately they don't appear to ship outside Sweden.
Give us a few red chambray pics at least! I'm tempted but I gotta see the shade first.
That's a great color, ThisSunday. Buttons pop really loud against that color but I think I like it. ThisSunday's shirt reminds me that my shirt doesn't have a collar tab either. Not chambray, no tan stitching, no collar tab... inexplicable.
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