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Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 Was that the jacket off B&S? It looks awesome yeah, big pun posted it a little while ago, I ended up pming the guy he sold it to and I think it might have been too big for him so he passed it on thanks again panchley
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy To ignore the sarcasm completely, Diesel obvious did not do this (they are pretty savvy), but what they did do was to gradually differentiate all of the labels (for example, there was originally only the 10 and 0 10 labels for men in the first few, non-Diesel group collections, and they made the name recognizable outside of fashion circles. For example, all of the earlier bags and belts had the 10 or 0 10 label only. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by wootx ^^ I like this. Where is the jacket from? cheers. jacket is margiela
from a few nights ago, click for alt, open shot
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 It is also interesting how all the MMM mass popularity hit shortly after Diesel took over. I doubt this is a coincidence. Indeed, indeed. I'd love to hear you expand more on this. Your recollection and analysis of the sudden fervor surrounding the SS03 collection I'm sure would be absolutely fascinating.
Quote: And they are the most thoroughly derivative shoe imaginable. Diesel/MMM are obviously concerned some may perceive them as such so they attach a silly "Replica" label as if that somehow places the shoes in an entirely different class and thus exonerates them. Oh, obviously. This is spot on. Margiela (or as you put it with the devastating incisiveness we've all come to expect, "Diesel/Margiela," because the majority owner has taken quite an...
speaking of feathers... the two necklaces, both margiela, both cheap yjp buys second ones a bit more limited in application, will wear with a tank on frisky days
id just like to see a summery toj original, something in a really nice cotton with maybe some suede accent work bordering the zipper and/or around the pockets or something edit: god, that grey lamb looks fucking amazing. did you say its slightly thicker than what you use for other colors?
i dunno but i just bought two necklaces and a ring
final drop to 250 shipped
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