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Same. Would have bought the "Surf Patchwork" instantly if it was long sleeve.
Hope all three of those patchwork madras shirts are heavily stocked... I have a feeling I'll end up owning all three.
Definitely, an 8 is probably the ideal US translation for these. They run pretty big, just not the full two sizes I needed (although someone in the thread I purchased them from actually claimed this). The poster I purchased them from was a 7.5 US and these fit big on him.
Tricker's Black Stow Boots 6.5 UK/7.5-8 US Just bought these off the forum about a week ago. They are amazing and in superb condition. I took a chance on them because of the phenomenal price, but, as I expected, they're just too small for me. (I'm typically an 8.5 US) These do not come with the box. Price is what I paid, $200 shipped CONUS. I won't be lowering it. UPDATED WITH PICS: Paul Smith York Boots in Sigaro Brown 7UK/8US Hesitant to part with these, but I...
Struggling to keep in mind that just because that's the best looking boater I've ever seen doesn't change the fact that I'd look like a complete asshole wearing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat Thanks. The shoulders falling off like that don't bother anyone? I don't like the baggy fit either. It definitely looks too big in both the shoulders and chest. You actually might be able to wear a small, maybe try posting a trade thread in the B&S. Either way, I don't see why a good tailor wouldn't be able to make it fit perfectly.
Looks great, zissou. I almost nabbed one during the context sale, in the end the epaulets put me off.
The wool lining on the USMC is annoying as hell, took it right off. The arms are pretty slim on me and I kept pushing the lining out through the sleeve. I got it right with some adjusting, but it ain't worth the hassle in the mid-60's of Arizona. I don't think the fit of the jacket is particularly boxy, although I'm typically in between a med and large and I took a chance on a medium in the USMC. Any smaller and I'd have maneuverability issues but I think the trim fit...
thanks for the tip. and yeah, i don't have much color in my wardrobe generally, although that fit might be particularly monotonous
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