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Bump for new stuff and updated pictures.
I don't know what's more hilarious, Kent's painful nerdiness and complete inability to let even the most innocuous comment go or connor's transparent posturing.
Few pics of my Paul Smith x Triumph camel suedes with some wear on them... ignore sloppy cuffs
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 I like the wedge jacket Context just posted on their site. Not sure why its so pricey though. Yeah, clearly the notion that production cost is any kind of significant factor in setting the price on these pieces is somewhat naive, but the $400 price point on this and the Carlsbad seems particularly inexplicable.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjacobs 45RPM W&H 75° in February Love this shirt.
Hey Gary, what's the price on the black chambray shorts? I assume those are sized S, M, L, correct? Any pics of them in this thread?
Haha, I grabbed the MF Rider's cap as well, and seriously debated a khaki down jacket. Resisted the jacket in the end, I'm sure the quality is superb, but I know it would never see wear over my more fashiony outerwear. The hat was a total impulse buy, but why say no?
Quote: Originally Posted by TyroneFig Did you just pay more to feel more fashionable.. or just didn't shop around? :P Kohls has those for $35... minus $5 from their email coupons = $30. I neither wear nor own Levis STF, so no, I didn't shop around. My post was in response to the two previous posts looking for pairs in Black Knight. A quick search turned up that site, which seems to stock them in every color and every size. Although, I must...
I guess the indigo Norwegian army shorts weren't brought back.
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