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Cap sold, price drop on Post O'Alls to 90 shipped. first to pm gets it
Drew's fit is absolute perfection. In the pics kelvin posted when he first got the jacket it looked like he could size down, now I'm not so sure... I think the fit is solid, but if it's weighing on your mind, it's not like you'd have any trouble selling...
MFSC Denim Rider's Cap, one size fits all Brand new, tried on once and never worn again. Amazing piece that I wish I could make work, but it just doesn't fit my head right. I grabbed one of the few left at SelfEdge when they dropped to 80 bucks, willing to let it go for the same. 80 shipped CONUS Post O'Alls Red Flannel, Size Medium Bought a few days ago, doesn't quite fit like I'd like. Absolutely brand new, tried on once. It's going for 140 on context, get it...
Yeah, I'd been looking at it for awhile, and I couldn't justify passing any longer. That piece, in my size, at such a solid price... I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. I'll try to post a couple fit pics this weekend... although I might have to drop 5 or so to make it fall right.
RO pearl moto
OT but does anyone have a line on some achilles mids in patent bone? need 42s... when was this color released? fw09?
Anyone looking to sell, hit me up through PM. Bone is the color I'm really after, but I'd be interested in White as well.
PS York Boots sold.
PMed. Just about 11 1/2 inches from heel to toe, for anyone else wondering.
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