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julius leather, sz 1, at just under 900 bucks with 19 hours to go (not including shipping and proxying fees of course) go after it, small dudes don't really care for the shade of brown on that margiela
Take 5 bucks off everything... such an insane deal on like new country stows
One final price drop on a sold out piece... 300 shipped.
yeah thats a pretty snug fit for a bomber, but I still think it works the jacket itself is stunning
heres the new RO. pure dressup, its 90 degrees here. RO x garfield x jeans that urgently need to be hemmed and tapered concept
Quote: Originally Posted by Jonah Waiting for the 'hook' up here in London to come through. If it all works out 50% off those. Fuck. Hook me up with some 42s
drop to 330 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by chestercopperpot I'm absolutely flabbergasted. Yeah, you're a real victim here, you piece of shit. What you've sold in the past, whether or not you knew it was fake, whether the buyer flipped it for more money, that's all completely irrelevant. You sold a fake item and now are refusing to provide a refund.
If you're interested, you know it already, but here it is: I can take pictures of the actual item this weekend, but it's pretty pointless given that it's in brand new condition and looks exactly like SE's pictures. It's been hot soaked and worn once. Here are the measurements after the soak: Pit to Pit: 22 inches Underarm to cuff: 20.5 inches Length from top of collar to bottum: 29 inches Still not entirely sure I...
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