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doubt I wouldve even made it that far, the second my eyes moved across 'weaver mocassins box' i wouldve grabbed the nearest blade and plunged it directly into my heart
Quote: Originally Posted by Atomkun then he tells he has shipped out the boots in weaver mocassin box!!! Imagine that! He shipped out a pair of Sd in a weaver mocassins box! i shudder to even think of it
pants and necklace pending, added measurements on the MMM jacket, an EG fishermans shirt/jacket and another pair of MMM pants
engineered garments fishermans jacket? size M. not sure of the name or season of this piece. think its from fw08. its in immaculate condition, dont think ive ever worn it. price is 115 -> 100 shipped. fits like an EG M. p2p is barely under 21 in, S2s is 17.5 in, length is 26 in all sold beyond this point MMM sports jacket size 50. it is new with tags, but with a minor defect, two light spots on the back left shoulder area. pretty much invisible unless youre...
Quote: Originally Posted by morefishscale Light layers for the early days of spring. More on my blog http://www.thecmngrnds.com this would be really good with different shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by 951socal guy who obsesses over 5 zip comes in asks me to find him a used 5-zip on any auction site i tell him there are no 5-zips for sale at the moment there are many. although this 1500-2000 figure that fuuma and drew are floating is entirely incorrect as far as I am concerned. ive never seen a 5 zip, even in great condition in the best colorways (smooth black) go for even close to that high on a yjp auction...
these were sold awhile ago, sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one there are plenty of 5-zips out there in size 50+ in the undesirable post-2001 color variants that are always dirt cheap - remember the cracked grey one Binker had that he couldn't sell forever? All 5-zips are not smooth black calf; there exists cracked green slime, cracked grey - there are about 5 times as many crappy colors as there are black/good colors (fwiw besides black, there's maybe two or three other...
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai Good reasoning. jeans look good
come on dude that vest is silly small
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