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^^ those will probably never look right. key to wearing diors is not so much being super thin, but having naturally narrow hips. you cant fill out the top block like that, its pure
uncontrol is even more unbearable than normal lately, his cuntiness is invading every thread
never used them in my life til like a month, month and a half ago. now i absolutely love them for shoulder workouts, i do all my raise movements with them. the feel is so different to dumbbells, with bands i feel the raises DEEP in my shoulders and only in my shoulders. perhaps its because you can keep your forearms more relaxed throughout the movement
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty That's perfect for me. I'm at like 10-11% BF now (i still have a six pack but i have amazing ab genetics--had them since i was a skinny little kid) but want to get at like 7 or 8%. im the same way, i had a visible six pack even when i was like 193 with a true 34 in waist. now im 165, under 30 in waist and its crazy why do i regularly convince myself i can play ball for 2 hours and then go lift... i...
she should also probably be aware that while retail price maintenance is not against the law in the united states, horizontal price fixing (collusion among retailers) is
gap v neck mmm necklace and ring dior 19cms cp achilles
just to not take a shot and completely bail out, I think ar looks really good in his military-inspired, nom de guerre, alden type fits. i also liked the summery, '80s miami inspired looks he was doing when he had a bit more weight on him. but that hat is fucking awful (and this place is terrible for convincing him he's "pulling it off"), and so is the gothy japanese stuff hes been buying recently. and the skin tight denim the whole emaciated, goth look, complete with...
yes, really. i don't really want to get into a 4 pg back and forth attempting to justify my perception, it would give the impression I care a lot more than I do, I really have no problem with the guy and those little dialogues bore me enough when I'm just an observer. but yes, clearly the young fella also looks very uncomfortable in his clothes. i think its the baby face more than anything else
Quote: Originally Posted by Bm370z You dont look like a dwarf at all, just a fucking retard with your pants cuffed up to your calfs and a hat like the monster in jeepers creepers. I will say the pants fit well and the cuffing in the first pic is fine, not too excessive, the jacket could look nice if styled differently and the boots are sick. Unfortunately you make the outfit as a whole look costumey and vomitous. Moreove, i can imagine how...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one This is not a new style, they were out many years ago and they along with the GAT replicas were the only MMM sneakers out basically, with maybe one other style per season. These ones never held value and always ended up on yoox or ebay or whatever. They got sold for like $60-100 by that time. yep, theyre awful. they hit yjp all the time, barely worn pairs go for like 20, 25 bucks
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