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added measurements and drop on the EG fishermans shirt/jacket, 100 shipped
should think the opposite would be obvious, you suppose as poorly as you define basic words
IC: 800 huh, smh
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester light blue w/ white wax dont do it babaaayyy
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo +1. I don't understand where the OP got the idea that he's "athletic". At that height, 186 is barely anything. cmon, someone who spends as much time in the gym as you should know height/weight is absolutely useless... i know dudes that are 6'3 175 that make you look small as fuck
that video is jawdropping
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor Can anyone PM me a working USPS Priority tracking confirmation customs number to Canada with the form LC#########US? I sent a priority package on the 4th to Saskatoon, SK and dude said he hasn't received it and tracking is not working. It's weird because every time I've sent a priority package I've been able to track with the customs number, but they've always started with CP. Just wondering if this form number...
zissou's photo reminds me of assassination of jesse james
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol This is exactly it. I don't like that Mauro has obviously continuously used this forum as beta testers for his garments and never said, "My bad, these are all wrong, send them back and we'll refund you." And I mean, from a financial standpoint that's disastrous for sure, but that would be the consequence of releasing an item that clearly hasn't been put through it's paces. I'm sure Mauro is a "nice guy" or whatever...
dope jeans jwied
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